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Our Tips To Stage Your Home For Free

Are you concerned about how much it will cost to stage your home? The appearance of a house is crucial when it comes to selling it. Home staging can make all the difference when it comes to selling a house. It’s important to keep the appearance of your home in mind. Many homeowners believe that they need to spend a lot to stage their home. This, however, is not true. You can stage your home for free. You can get some home staging tips from a discount real estate broker. Read on for our home staging tips. 

Home staging tips at a glance.

  • Make sure to clean everything thoroughly
  • Depersonalize and declutter each room
  • Move furniture around
  • Add natural features
  • Get rid of odors 
  • Cheap home staging ideas

Make sure to clean everything thoroughly

Ever wonder why hotels feel so welcoming and warm? This is because all the rooms are cleaned daily to make them more appealing to customers. Your home is your best investment and should be as clean as a hotel. Vacuum, sweep, and wash everything, even the pets.

Depersonalize and declutter each room

A messy home indicates that the homeowner doesn’t care for it. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to clean out your home. Clutter can distract buyers from what is important, and can also make a house appear smaller. You should get rid of anything you don’t need or use. It should not be stored in your closet. Buyers love closets.  

After you have decluttered, you can pack your items such as family photos and other knickknacks. Your home is what buyers want to see, not your stuff. If all they see is your stuff, they won’t be able to imagine their home. Take yourself out of the picture. And your pictures out of the house.

home staging furniture

Move furniture around

Mixing fabrics and colors can make your interior look more interesting. A mismatched set of dining chairs can help make your dining room more appealing. End chairs can be replaced with ones in a different style. To increase visual space, you can move furniture that is too tight in one room to another.

Paint your kitchen cabinets and island in a different color than the walls if you have paint. This will make the island and cabinets the focal point. It is not a good idea to paint every room white. This will make it look boring, bland, and uninteresting.

Add natural features

Your interior decorating can be made more welcoming by including natural elements. Consider elements that are representative of your home’s geographic location. You can use elements such as twigs, dried flowers, wood, wheat, or clay if you live in the country. You can also incorporate elements such as seagrass, seashells, and coral rocks if you live near the coast.

Natural features are important, even if you don’t live in a city. To soften the space, add flowers and plants. A bucket of flowers can be used to decorate the front porch. Show potential buyers how relaxing it will be to live in their new home.

home staging plants

Get rid of odors and make your home smell nice

Your home can smell from pets, food, mildew and even the sink. It is nearly impossible to detect odors in your house because your body is used to them. Ask a neighbor or friend to take a look at your home. If they notice an unpleasant odor in your home, ask them to investigate and help find the source.

Burn cinnamon sticks, bake cookies, and brew coffee can make your home smell divine during shows. One way you can remove sink odors is by grinding lemon in your garbage disposal. 

free ideas for home staging

Cheap home staging ideas

Many home staging tips on the internet don’t cost anything. Each room should be defined so buyers can use it best. You can turn your attic into an office or a junk room into a guest bedroom. Although buyers might not use the rooms for the same purpose, they will still have an idea. A simple trick such as hanging artwork from another space or creating your own artwork can bring life to a blank wall.

Home stagings overlooked value

Staging your home is often overlooked as a way to improve its value. However, it’s one of the most important parts of your home selling process. If prospective buyers can’t envision themselves living in your home, then they won’t want to buy it. The best way to stage your home is by making it look its best. 

You will also need to consider how you wish to stage your home. Are you primarily interested in selling your home as is, or would you prefer to make some changes? Decide what you want to change and then decide where you want to make these changes.